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New Applications often mean new servers. The rate of technical change in our industry means our workforce has different demands and so our “line of business” applications need to be updated. This could mean a new version or modifications that add a web service front end. Whichever way, there usually is a new hardware request […]

The looming question for IT Pro’s regarding the cloud is “What is the future for my role?” Simply put, no one can say for sure. There are many factors to consider when answering that question. The cloud offerings are not identical, which affects the answer. There will be changes in roles. That’s not unusual for […]

In this post we will explore the Windows Azure Platform in more detail. After reading it you’ll have an understanding of the components that make up the platform, what functions they perform as well as an idea of what applications are good candidates to run on Windows Azure Platform and the considerations for making that […]

In this first post on Cloud Computing, I’ll cover Microsoft’s Cloud offerings; I’ll also discuss some of the cloud computing terms you may have heard about, as well as cover briefly what good cloud apps are. In the following two posts I’ll cover the Windows Azure Platform in more detail, and round off with a […]