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The latest edition of the MVA Preview show on TechNet Radio’s IT Time series is now live. This edition looks at the upcoming release of the Windows Server “8”, SQL Server 2012 and System Center 2012 Operations Manager courses. Also we will preview of what you can expect for each as well as courses on […]

I’m pleased to announce that today the “Deploying Windows 7” course has been published to the MVA. This course originated in the Deployment Learning Portal (DLP). While the DLP itself has been phased out, it will continue to live within the MVA and in the 10 languages listed below. Tomorrow we will release the component […]

The beta of the next version of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) is now available. For those not familiar with MED-V, it’s part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). The purpose of MED-V is to remove the barriers to Windows upgrades by resolving application incompatibility with Windows Vista or Windows 7. MED-V does this […]

Files are tricky things. They are very good at hiding within the file system. Well that’s how it seems to me. If I’m honest, the file does hide really, I just forget or confuse the one I’m looking for with another one. Usually the name, so I end up starting at the top of a […]

Windows Summit 2010 is a special event that allows attendees to learn about building great software, hardware, and systems for Windows 7. Content will be available 24×7, released on a rolling schedule and viewers can select tracks or individual sessions based upon their interest level. Each track launches with a high-profile opening speaker and related […]

Deploy Windows 7 and Office 2010 quickly and reliably—while boosting user satisfaction. If you’re making the move to Windows 7 and Office 2010, you need tools and guidance to help deploy Windows and Office quickly—and do it right the first time. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 Update 1 Beta includes new features like Office 2010 […]

In the previous posts we discussed the path to deploying Windows 7, including application compatibility and image creation. In this post we’ll discuss the methods for deploying Windows 7 to clients. First, let me explain the terms and tools you may have heard about. In the previous posts and other articles you will hear about […]

In the previous post we looked at the key information and first steps required to perform a successful deployment of Windows 7, and we looked in some detail at one of the main concerns organizations have when deploying a new OS; application compatibility. In this post we’ll look at the resources available to help prepare […]

A successful deployment of a desktop operating system begins long before the first client machines are touched. The collection of information about your client machines forms the basis for creating a successful deployment plan. In this first of three posts we’ll cover the first steps and the tools available to you as you start on […]