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The Microsoft Virtual Academy team would like to announce the release of the Private Cloud Infrastructure course. This course focuses on how using technologies and tools from Microsoft can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud. The course covers the core Windows Server products, and how to use them to build and […]

Finding that right resource to help you when you most need it is never easy. Back in my days supporting DPS 6 and TPS 6 Systems for Honeywell, people would often ask how I would find something in a dump, from a trap message or from a customer description. My answer to them was simply, […]

There are currently many misconceptions surrounding the Cloud and what it has to offer. The team I work on set out to help you becoming more knowledgeable. We think that once you get straight answers to questions about the Cloud you can also help guide others to a better understanding, thus take informed next steps […]

Recently I had an article published on TechNet Magazine Online in which I cover how SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010 integrate. The article covers the architecture, configuration and improvements in this integration. Read the Article here.

The two most important assets in an organization are its people and its information. Organizations that can connect the two seamlessly empower their employees to make the best decisions. IT Departments are challenged with the task of making this connection. At the backend, products like SQL Server 2008, and subsequently SQL Server 2008 R2, have […]

One of the biggest challenges an IT Department can face comes when identities need to cross company boundaries. When your organization enters a relationship with another organization and anyone from one sides need access to resources on the other side, you need a way to establish a secure trusted relationship. For Administrators this creates a […]

In this first post on Cloud Computing, I’ll cover Microsoft’s Cloud offerings; I’ll also explain some of the definitions about cloud computing you may have heard, as well as cover briefly what are good cloud apps. In the following two posts I’ll cover the Windows Azure Platform in more detail and round off with a […]