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EBooks are an increasingly popular format. My own E-Reader has a number of publications on it. I can carry way more information to various engagements than before I switched. Since the distribution partnership between Microsoft Press and O’Reilly, many MS Press publications have been converted into the popular e-formats by O’Reilly. They have done a […]

Files are tricky things. They are very good at hiding within the file system. Well that’s how it seems to me. If I’m honest, the file does hide really, I just forget or confuse the one I’m looking for with another one. Usually the name, so I end up starting at the top of a […]

I’m a bookworm, I’ll admit that upfront now. I like the printed word.When I had my office in Redmond I had so many books on shelves it allegedly kept my room temperature a couple of degrees higher than those offices around me. So we are talking quite a few books. But recently I’ve changed. I’m […]