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In the post “Unleashing the Power of your Information” I eluded to how your organizations data is a hugely valuable asset. For one, being able to gather it all together into one place with a product such as, SQL Server Integration Services, allows you to do all manner of analytics on it. While that indeed […]

In an ideal world, when you get a request to answer a question like, “How did the blue version of our product perform in these regions over this period?” you can just open Excel, drag a few items onto a blank sheet and get the answer. If you are in a small business you probably […]

Windows Summit 2010 is a special event that allows attendees to learn about building great software, hardware, and systems for Windows 7. Content will be available 24×7, released on a rolling schedule and viewers can select tracks or individual sessions based upon their interest level. Each track launches with a high-profile opening speaker and related […]

Office 2010 has a large number of new features, making it a very rich application suite. The next step in the product evolution was to enable that richness beyond the client installation and enable users to take advantage of features online. In this post I’ll cover some of those features that enable users without Office […]

All organizations need to manage identities, credentials, and resources. Some lucky organizations only have to deal with one directory, but most have to deal with multiple directory trees and application-specific identity sources. The IT department in those organizations are expected to deliver this management efficiently, cost effectively, and securely. When this management goes bad, IT […]

Deploy Windows 7 and Office 2010 quickly and reliably—while boosting user satisfaction. If you’re making the move to Windows 7 and Office 2010, you need tools and guidance to help deploy Windows and Office quickly—and do it right the first time. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 Update 1 Beta includes new features like Office 2010 […]

In the previous posts we discussed the path to deploying Windows 7, including application compatibility and image creation. In this post we’ll discuss the methods for deploying Windows 7 to clients. First, let me explain the terms and tools you may have heard about. In the previous posts and other articles you will hear about […]