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One of the biggest challenges an IT Department can face comes when identities need to cross company boundaries. When your organization enters a relationship with another organization and anyone from one sides need access to resources on the other side, you need a way to establish a secure trusted relationship. For Administrators this creates a […]

In the previous post we started our look at how Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM), a component of Microsoft’s Identity & Access Management solution, enables IT Administrators to centrally manage identity and access. The post specifically covered how FIM allows the IT Administrator to automate the creation of identity information based on a workflow […]

For me, the Sams “Unleashed” series has a reputation for comprehensive in-depth coverage of a product, and often it’s one of the first published on that product, the new Exchange Server 2010 edition continues this tradition. Like the product, it is based heavily on the Exchange 2007 edition, owners of the previous edition will recognise […]

All organizations need to manage identities, credentials, and resources. Some lucky organizations only have to deal with one directory, but most have to deal with multiple directory trees and application-specific identity sources. The IT department in those organizations are expected to deliver this management efficiently, cost effectively, and securely. When this management goes bad, IT […]