We are pleased to announce that the Take the Microsoft Solution Accelerators for the Datacenter and Private Cloud course is now available on the MVA.

The Microsoft Solution Accelerators (SAs) are free out-of-band tools and utilities which can be downloaded to enhance existing Microsoft technologies. This course provides an overview of six of the most common SAs used in datacenters, highly virtualized environments and private clouds.

  • The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) will analyze and help configure the environment.
  • The SCVMM Self-Service Portal (SSP) and Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (VMST) provide enhanced management for Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • The Security & Compliance Manger (SCM) and Data Classification Toolkit (DCT) help maintain a healthy and secure environment.

By the end of this course you will have a new set of tools you can utilize to plan, deploy, manage and secure your virtualized datacenter or Private Cloud infrastructure.

Take the Microsoft Solution Accelerators for the Datacenter and Private Cloud course today and receive 74 points

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 courses are now available on the MVA. We have released 5 courses as the first part of SQL materials.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Analysis Services and Credible, Consistent data

Learn about the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 that will provide you with Breakthrough Insights into your data. You’ll learn about Self-Service Alerting, Reporting and Analysis Services and Power View and how to integrate your SQL solutions with other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint and Excel.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Reporting Services and Visualization

This course takes a deeper look into the technologies in SQL Server 2012 that will help turn your Business Intelligence in true Business Analytics using advanced technologies like Semantic Models in Analysis Services and Data Analysis Expressions.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Scalable Data Warehouse and Beyond Relational

This course will teach you when and how to use symmetrical multiprocessing vs. massively parallel processing and how to use columnstore technology to revolutionize your data warehouse query performance.

Cloud on your terms with Microsoft SQL server 2012 : Scale On Demand

What is the best platform for your solution, is it on premises, in the cloud or is a hybrid approach the way to go? This course explains the factors you need to consider and how to make the right decisions, do you have performance, control or security concerns? This course will guide you to the solution that is right for you.

Mission Critical Confidence using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Solutions need to be reliable to give your company a competitive advantage. This course explains the security and reliability features of SQL Server 2012 that will allow you to create dependable Mission Critical Applications using AlwaysOn, Availability Groups and other High Availability enhancements.

For these courses and additional information also visit the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Landing Page

The latest edition of the MVA Preview show on TechNet Radio’s IT Time series is now live.

This edition looks at the upcoming release of the Windows Server “8”, SQL Server 2012 and System Center 2012 Operations Manager courses.

Also we will preview of what you can expect for each as well as courses on Windows XP to Windows 7 migration and Windows Intune.

TechNet Radio: IT Time – Microsoft Virtual Academy Preview – Windows “8”, SQL Server 2012 and System Center 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Windows Server “8” First Look course is now available on the MVA.

Release to coincide with the release of the preview bits this first look is a single module course covering the product. There are many new features and updates and in this short course we can only cover these at a high level, the deeper dive into the product will come in a few months.

Windows Server “8” First Look

I’m pleased to announce that today the “Deploying Windows 7” course has been published to the MVA. This course originated in the Deployment Learning Portal (DLP). While the DLP itself has been phased out, it will continue to live within the MVA and in the 10 languages listed below.

Tomorrow we will release the component at the backend that will ensure all existing DLP registered students will be credited with the same progress level in the MVA that they achieved in the DLP. For existing DLP students who are also MVA students, all you will need to do tomorrow is log on. For those DLP students who are not yet registered with the MVA, you simply have to register and you will be credited with your course progress at that point.

We trust you will find this course useful helping you to deploy Windows 7 and this step is important as Windows XP End of Support is April 8, 2014

Implantando o Windows 7

部署 Windows 7

Deploying Windows 7

Déploiement de Windows 7

Bereitstellen von Windows 7

Distribuzione di Windows 7

Windows 7 を展開する

Windows 7 배포

Развертывание Windows 7

Implementación de Windows 7

The January MVA TechNet Radio show is now live. In this show listen to the MVA Dean discuss the upcoming MVA courses on Private Cloud, System Center 2012 scenarios such as Application Management, Orchestrator, Data Protection, Operations and Service Manager as well SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 courses.

He also lays the foundation for an upcoming Microsoft Solution Accelerators course on the MAP toolkit and how you can get involved in hands on training at your local IT Pro Camps.

To get involved send your questions to Further Episode Questions and we will try and answer them in the show.

January Episode

The Microsoft Virtual Academy team would like to announce the release of the Private Cloud Infrastructure course.

This course focuses on how using technologies and tools from Microsoft can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud.

The course covers the core Windows Server products, and how to use them to build and support the virtualized and physical resources that are part of your private cloud infrastructure. You will be exposed to common cloud computing configuration and management practices, as well as technical details to help you be successful in building a private cloud for your business.

Lastly, you will learn how using tools and technologies from Microsoft as part of your private cloud will benefit both your organization and you as the IT professional.

After completing this course, try out what you’ve learnt by downloading Windows Server 2008 R2 and System Center from the TechNet Evaluation Center.

Download Windows Server 2008 R2

Download Microsoft System Center 2012 Pre-Release Products

Sign up and take this course!